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Pushing the Envelope, Again…

Yesterday was a day anxiously awaited by many as both Canon and Red would be announcing new products. Canon announced their first “Cinema EOS” camera, designed specifically for cinema and […]

The Great Camera Shootout 2011 Episode 3: It’s Not So Black & White

The third and final episode of the Great Camera Shootout 2011 has been published. This episode focusses on motion artifacts and color rendition. I must say I was rather surprised […]

Light Field Camera: hype or revolution?

I came across this article which discusses a new type of camera as promoted by the start-up company Lytro. Lytro is developing a so-called light field camera. A camera which […]

Frame grabs from the EPIC-M camera are just… EPIC!

Vincent Laforet is one a the few lucky guys being the owner of one of the new RED Epic M digital cinema camera’s. He posted some frame grabs taken from […]

The Impossible Shot

A lot of people are waiting for RED to deliver their new generation of digital video camera’s: Epic and its smaller brother (sister?) Scarlett. Some time ago Jim Jannard, owner […]