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On Shooting Time Lapses

Last weekend I shot some time lapses for a short film I’m planning. They were shot on several locations in and around the house with the intention of showing slow moving shadows as the sun tracks across the sky. I tried intervals of 5, 15 and 20 seconds between exposures. The 5 second interval resulted […]

In The Land Of The Northern Lights

I came across this time lapse film with breathtaking images of the northern lights. This film was made by Ole Salomonsen during 6 months of shooting in sub zero temperatures as low as -32 degrees Celcius! Check out this behind the scenes photo on flickr. The film was shot in Tromsø and surrounding area in […]

Behind The Scenes With The Timelapse Dream Team

Tom Guilmette made a great behind the scenes documentary on the Kessler Timefest 2011. The very best time lapse artists got together and ventured out into the wild for a weekend of shooting breathtaking time lapse footage. The documentary shows just how much time and preparation goes into producing a few seconds of footage. It […]