The World of Depleted

"When a devastating series of terrorist attacks leads to a change
in power in the West, the decision to temporarily shut down the
public communications grid leads to the most violent civil uprising
in the history of Western civilization. When the outrage of the
populace is paired with an insidious anti-Technology agenda by a
shadow group, a perfect storm of conditions arise to transform the
temporary shutdown into a permanent blackout. As supply chains and
medical facilities are destroyed, famine and plague ravage
increasing numbers of those who were not killed in the uprisings.

Plunged from a world of technology into the dark ages, the
population of the world has been sundered nearly 89% in less than
a single year. People no longer count the years, but only the days
since they were plunged into ignorance once more—an event they now
refer to as the 'Fall.' The World of Depleted follows the
subsequent days and years after the Fall, as man tries to regroup,
as new regimes rise to power, and the mysteries of what led to this
new world are explored."

Jeremy Hanks, founder of Viking Productions and Microfilmmaker Magazine, embarked on a very interesting journey. He created a franchise, a common universe, “World of Depleted” and invited film makers from over the world to participate in making films which are set in that universe.
All stories are set in the post-apocalyptic world as described above.

The World of Depleted promotional posterJeremy invites filmmakers and artists in general from all over the world to contribute to the world of Depleted. Anyone who’s work is accepted as “official” world of Depleted material will share in the profits if the material as a whole or as part of another contributor’s work makes any profit. The World of Depleted team will judge any contribution as to make sure it fits into the franchise and doesn’t undermine the general setting of the world.

Submissions are not limited to films, but can also be stories, novels, photos, videos, artwork, audio elements, music, and effects elements. So basically, any creative person can be adding to the universe of Depleted.

I think it is a great idea making it possible for anyone to add something to this world. This will add an enormous variety of ideas and material to the story which would never have been achieved by just one man or production team. As the World of Depleted tells the story of a whole world it also sets no geographic and cultural boundaries for additions to the world.

I’m looking forward to seeing the first products from this unique project.

You can read more on the official World of Depleted website.