10 Days On Google+

Google+Two weeks ago I got on Google+. I read some interesting stories about it and decided to give it a try myself.

I never have been a big fan of Facebook or Twitter and never used it myself. I find it rather chaotic and I don’t like the “I have more ‘friends’ than you” race going on in there.

Google+ took a different approach and came up with the concept of circles. You can create your own circles, as many as you like, and put people in one or more circles. You then decide what circle is going to see the content you’re posting or you can select one of your circles and only see posts from people in that specific circle. It works great and keeps things organized the way you want it.

Another thing on Google+, and I was a bit hesitant about this at first, is their real name policy. You must use your real name or your account will be blocked. Thinking about it however, I decided that it actually is a good thing as it filters out a lot of the trolls and negative people hiding behind anonymous nicknames who are just adding noise to the signal.

And that is my experience with Google+ after these first few days of using it. There are a lot of interesting people on there who have interesting things to say. I haven’t seen any really negative stuff going on so far. Or maybe it’s the kind of crowd I’m following, creative people like photographers and film makers, I don’t know.

Google+ Terms of Use ExplainedIt’s also very easy to share your own work. Google+ facilitates uploading pictures and video via their Picasa service which is integrated into Google+. You can create albums of pictures or upload individual pictures and share them with everyone or just with selected circles of people. There has been some discussion about the terms of use for uploading pictures but the article which started this took some text out of context. This diagram explains stuff in plain language.

All that said, I think the main reason I wanted to try it is that a lot of creative people seem to be using Google+ or switching over to Google+. It is the perfect medium to follow a lot of interesting people which, for me, is inspiring and very good for getting new ideas and points of views on stuff which I can use to improve my own work.