Performance controllers

I’m very interested in alternatives to keyboards to control electronic musical instruments.

I think it’s rather boring to watch somebody (although he may be playing great music) sit behind a keyboard for an hour working through his set. Not very visually entertaining for people to watch.

I once visited a concert by STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) in Rotterdam where Michel Waisvisz played his invention “the Hands”. During that evening he also played “the Web”. Both were unconventional ways to control electronic instruments (MIDI synthesizers in this case) and were invented to create a mobile and physical device to play live electronic music. The audience can see how the performer makes music by how he is using gestures or how he’s moving around the stage in a certain way.

I think this is a very interesting and important concept with which I want to experiment. In this section you can read more about those experiments as they happen.