MOTM Modular

When you reach a certain age you will do strange things. You will finally buy that Harley, let your hair grow or try to find a girlfriend who’s 20 years younger than yourself 😉
Fortunately I didn’t do any of those things, instead I decided it was finally time to do something that I have been wanting to do for 15 years or so: built a synthesizer.

I started out designing some stuff myself but that didn’t seem like a good idea after a while so I decided to build a modular analogue synthesizer based on a proven design. I ordered PCBs from Synthesis Technologies and Oakley Modular to built my first basic modular.

Both companies design their modules to be compatible with the (Synthesis Technologies) MOTM (MOTher of all Modulars) front panel standard (5U or 8.75″ high and multiples of 1.75″ wide), hence the title “MOTM Modular”.