MOTM modules

MOTM-120 Sub-Octave Multiplexer

The MOTM-120 contains two 4-stage sub-octave dividers, a digital mux, and four digital ring modulators. It operates in one of two modes, selected by the cleverly named MODE switch.

MOTM-120 front panel


MOTM-300 ultraVCO

The MOTM-300 Ultra VCO has unmatched performance where it’s needed most: stability and tracking. Using 4 separate temperature compensation servo loops, the average drift over 12 hours is typically 0.01% or about thirty times better than a Moog 921B VCO. The tracking circuitry uses an ultra-matched differential pair transistor array that will hold over a minimum of 15 octaves!

MOTM-300 front panel



The MOTM-390 is a very versatile LFO. It contains two LFOs in a single module. The first LFO uses a panel control, while the second is 1V/Oct voltage-controlled with FM.

MOTM-390 front panel


MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter

The MOTM-410 contains three voltage-controlled bandpass filters and a dual voltage-controlled sinewave LFO. The module is based on the Korg PS-3100 filter structure. It uses the same vintage components: Vactrol resistive elements for a smoother, ‘liquid’ phasing sound, and JRC4558 bipolar op amps.

MOTM-410 front panel


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator

The MOTM-800 provides the standard ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release) envelope. Both positive-going (0V to +5V) and negative-going (0V to -5V) envelopes are simultaneously available. Attack, Decay, and Release times can be set from 1ms to over 14 seconds.

MOTM-800 front panel


MOTM-830 Dual Mode Mixer

The MOTM-830 is a dual mode (audio and/or control voltage) mixer. The mixer can beĀ  configured into either one 6:1 or dual 3:1 mixers. The mixer is “split” when a patchcord is inserted into the OUT 2 jack.

MOTM-830 front panel