I make films, photographs and electronic music. I build electronic musical instruments

I Want To Believe

What if what you believe is actually true? A man finds out that what he believes is true. This knowledge however comes at a price…

This short film is my first narrative film and was shot in two days. The complete post production (editing, sound design, sound mix, visual effects and colour grading) was done by myself as I wanted to learn by experiencing the complete process of getting the film to its final state. I finished the film in January 2014 and submitted the film to film festivals worldwide and it got selected by several of them.

– Viewster Online Film Fest (online)

– Cinestrange Film Festival (Germany)

– Galactic Film Festival (USA)

– Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival (USA)

– Canton Film Festival (USA)

– Zedfest Film Festival (USA)

– Landshut Short Film Festival (Germany)

– Cellu L’Art Short Film Festival (Germany)

You can watch the film below.

The teaser/trailer.

Behind the scenes video.