Want to built your own synthesizer? There are lots of possibilities out there! Check the following links for inspiration and to get you started… – Forum for electronic music in all its forms
Electro-music: DIY Hardware and software – Electro-music SDIY sub forum – Another great forum
Muffwiggler: Music Tech DIY – Muffwiggler SDIY sub forum

Oakley Sound – Modular Synthesizer Projects
Synthesis Technology – Home of the MOTM Modular Synthesizer
CatGirl Synth – Ken Stone’s modular synthesizer
Elby Designs – ASM1 & ASM2 analog synthesizers / AVR Synth
MFOS – Music From Outer Space
Tellun – Synth DIY modules
yusynth – Modular synth project

Allied Electronics – Electronic components (USA)
Conrad – Electronic components (EU)
Digi Key – Electronic components (USA)
Farnell – Electronic components (UK)
Mouser Electronics – Electronic components (USA)
Modular Addict – PCB’s, panels, kits
Das Musikding – Electronic components for music DIY (Germany)
Rapid – Electronic components (UK)
Reichelt Elektronik – Electronic components (Germany)
RS Components – Electronic components (EU)
Synthcube – PCB’s, panels, kits
Thonk – PCB’s, panels, kits
Vintage Planet – Hard to get synthesizer components (Netherlands)