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Outer Reaches (1992)

A remastered version of Outer Reaches is available as digital download on Bandcamp:

"Outer Reaches" by Syndrone (audio cassette)
Outer Reaches of Knowing8:17
Variations of K8:30
Comedy of Justice6:01
Ancient Knowledge6:21
Coda Revised4:54

“Outer Reaches” was recorded in a weekend in March 1992. All tracks were recorded on DAT (Digital Audio Tape). The tapes were all copied from the DAT master tape.

Here is a list of equipment we used during the recording of the cassette: Akai VX600, Korg Wavestation WS1/EX, Yamaha SY22, Yamaha TX7, Yamaha TX81Z, Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb.

Mixed on Phonic BKX8600. Mastered on Sony DTC-55ES DAT.

We introduced this first Syndrone product after a living room concert we organized for a couple of KLEM members (KLEM was a Dutch magazine at that time dedicated to electronic music).