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Studio acoustics (part 3)

Finally finished mounting all absorption panels and the corner bass traps in my studio. I did some measurements to check the effect of the acoustic panels on the overall acoustics of the room. I took four readings. The base line reading was taken in the room with only the ceiling panels and the side wall […]

Studio acoustics (part 2)

I installed 3 absorption panels in my studio. Two on the ceiling and one on one of the side walls. All panels are from the EQ Acoustics Spectrum product line, rigid absorption panels which can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. This is the Spectrum 50 Studio Tile. The tile measures 57.5 x 57.5 […]

Studio acoustics (part 1)

While working on a new track some time ago I switched from listening over the near-field monitors to my headphone. I was in for a very unpleasant surprise. It was a track with some fast sequencing and delay effects. Through the headphones everything sounded fine but through the monitor speakers the sound became… blurry. It’s […]