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Mutant Buchla 259 timbre section

Lately I’ve been working on building a mutant version (that is: with non-vintage components) of the timbre/symmetry section of the famous Buchla 259 complex waveform generator. I used the schematic Mark Verbos posted on his website as a starting point. I replaced all opamps with the TL072CN. All other components are common resistors (I used […]

Alessandro Cortini’s lecture on Buchla 200e

I came across a very interesting audio recording of a lecture of Alessandro Cortini (ex Nine Inch Nails) about modular synthesizers, musical interfaces and the Buchla 200e. He gave this lecture at the Concordia Electroacoustic Studies Student Association in 2009. I can relate to a lot of what he has to say about using physical […]

A modular patch

I have been experimenting with a patch on my MOTM modular the last couple of days. I used the following modules: 3 x Oakley VCO 1 x Oakley Multimix 2 x MOTM-390s LFO 1 x MOTM-830 Dual Mode Mixer 1 x CGS Wave Multipliers 1 x Oakley S&H/Slew generator 1 x Oakley Equinoxe phaser 1 […]

Modular patch notation

The big difference between an analog modular synthesizer and their digital brothers and sisters is the ability to store sound presets. That is something that is not possible in an analog modular. There are of course some hybrid analog synthesizers, like the Buchla 200e, where (a big part of) a patch can be stored digitally. […]