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Cinevate – Innovative gear for filmmakers

I recently bought the 35″ version of the Atlas 10 slider and the Trawly wheels set from Cinevate during their Moving Sale. The Atlas 10 slider is primarily meant to be […]

Behind The Scenes With The Timelapse Dream Team

Tom Guilmette made a great behind the scenes documentary on the Kessler Timefest 2011. The very best time lapse artists got together and ventured out into the wild for a […]

Skate wheel dolly Mk2

I modified my initial skate wheel dolly so it would be *much* lighter and more portable. The old dolly is heavy and takes up quite some space and therefore also […]

Skatewheel dolly

To be able to move the camera in a professional way I decided to built a track based dolly. After researching a bit I came up with the following design. […]