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Evil Empire

Shining Through

Winter Sun

I made this photo on a nice winter day. Playing around with the Pixelmator app on iPad I created this abstract alternate version of it. If you are processing photos […]


An obscured View

Making clouds

While driving to work I pass a large industrial site everyday. Especially in the winter the early morning hours often provide some spectacular images when the sun is just rising […]

Poisoned Sky

Silver and Light

I came across this beautiful documentary today. It’s about the wet plate photography of Ian Ruhter and it is just amazing. It shows the process of creating something extraordinary, by […]

Virtual Lighting Studio

Today, I discovered this on-line app called Virtual Lighting Studio. You can use it to light a subject (in this case: a “head shot”) with different lights and see the […]


I had a day off today and kind of planned to shoot some more time lapses but the weather was very foggy this morning so I watched an episode of […]