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CGS Wave Multipliers module completed

CGS Wave Multipliers moduleFinally, after being in my backlog for more than a year, I finished the CGS Wave Multipliers module today.

This module contains three separate wave folders (a Serge-like wave folder, a Lockhart “Nonselective Frequency Tripler”, a simple multiplier and a ring modulator. It’s a great module which can produce some very interesting timbres.

I got the front panel and PCBs from Scott at Bride Chamber. Wiring the front panel is fairly straightforward as Scott’s PCBs provide PCB-mounted pots which get rid of a lot of wires.

CGS Wave Multipliers PCB

Below a couple of screen shots of input (green) and output (yellow) signals of this module so you can see what it is capable of.

This is the ring modulator using sine input signal and the output of the wave folder as the carrier signal.

CGS Wave Multipliers ring modulator output

This is the Serge-like wave folder with a triangle input signal.

CGS Wave Multipliers wave folder output

Another Serge wave folder example, now using a square input signal.

CGS Wave Multipliers wave folder output

More information in the SDIY section of this website.