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60 Second Landscape

While on the beach last weekend I was watching my wife and daughter walking through the water and suddenly remembered Chase Jarvis’ “60 Second Landscape Challenge“.

As I only had my Nikon D300s with me at that time, that’s what I shot this video with. Shot in one take, no editing with only a bit of footage stabilizing and color grading done.


3 responses to “60 Second Landscape”

  1. Nice, is the contrast shifting in the beginning deliberate? For the rest, too bad about the slighlty dark weather, but a nice landscape.

    1. andre avatar

      I noticed that too. Don’t know what’s the cause of that.
      The camera was on aperture priority so maybe a change in shutter time.
      I didn’t want to spent the time editing that out 😉

  2. Who is chasing junior there? Oh, it’s mommy. Guess that daddy is doing well on his ass…. 😛 Nice shot!

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