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Public release of “I Want To Believe” on July 1st!

With the festival run in the back mirror it is time for the public release of my short film “I Want To Believe”. The release date is set for July 1st!

Almost ready for the next take. On the set of "I Want To Believe".
Almost ready for the next take. On the set of “I Want To Believe”.

It has been a long journey. A quick recap.

September 2012: Screenplay done

October 2012: First day of shooting

January 2013: Second day of shooting

February 2013: Start of post production

January 2014: Film completed

April 2015: Last screening on a festival

June 2015: Behind the scenes video completed

I am still very excited that the film has been selected by 8 film festivals from all over the world. That means that people from all over the world have been able to see the film in a real cinema on the big screen. I saw my film on the big screen for the first time during the Cinestrange Film Festival. It was an amazing experience.

The film and behind the scenes video will be available on Vimeo and Youtube. Keep an eye on this blog or on my twitter feed to keep up to date with the release news.