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  • New cabinets for 5U modular synth

    New cabinets for 5U modular synth

    Inevitability I have been building a lot of Buchla stuff last couple of years but I also built a few 5U modules. As my 5U modular cabinet was pretty much filled up I finally reached that inevitable point in time: the cabinets were completely full and I still had a couples of modules which had…

  • Music Thing Modular custom 5U panels

    Music Thing Modular custom 5U panels

    After watching a few demos of Music Thing Modular modules I decided to build them myself. However, these modules are in Eurorack format and I don’t have any Eurorack. So I designed 5U panels for them and ordered those via Schaeffer AG in Germany. Not the cheapest solution but the quality is great and the…

  • The Weird Sound Generator

    The Weird Sound Generator

    Some time ago I promised Ralf and David, the sons of two friends, we would do an electronics DIY soldering project together. They were always drooling over my modular so I wanted to built something with them to get them a little soldering experience. They were very enthusiastic and eventually decided upon “something that makes sounds and…