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  • New display for Akai VX600

    New display for Akai VX600

    Vintage analogue synthesizer I have this Akai VX600 6 voice analogue synthesizer which I really like. It sounds great, has an auto calibration function and features an elaborate modulation matrix. I bought it used from Rob Papen sometime in the 90s, so this synth is almost 30 years old but still going strong. The original display…

  • Replacing the display of a Yamaha TX7

    Replacing the display of a Yamaha TX7

    This is the Yamaha TX7. It’s the module version of the DX7. It was the first synthesizer I ever bought, 28 years ago. It still works perfectly. But I wanted to replace the display as it is hard to read because it is not backlit. So I bought a display replacement from eBay. I opened…