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Using the V-Bag Philip Bloom edition to get a very low angle

Monday Challenge: Superhero – Zoë Says No

Film Riot’s Monday Challenge Some time ago I was watching a episode of Film Riot with my daughter, Zoë. It was the episode with the Superman sketch. Zoë really liked it and that immediately made me think about making her “supergirl” in a movie. Then, a couple of weeks later, Film Riot announced their Superhero […]

Tell - a short film by Ryan Connely

Tell – A new short film by Ryan Connely

“Tell” is the a new short film by Ryan Connolly, the creator of Film Riot, “the show that takes the mystery out of the effects and techniques that go into some of your favorite Hollywood films”. It’s a well made, half hour long, horror/thriller film with a couple of nice scares, a good soundtrack and […]