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New Celtx release v2.9

A new version of Celtx was released a couple of days ago. It’s version 2.9. Celtx is a free software application that helps you during the production process of a film, documentary, music video, podcast, video game, theatre, novel, etc. It contains tools for writing scripts, storyboards, drawing set-ups, developing characters and schedule your production. […]

Screenplay for a short movie

I finished a screenplay for a short film I want to make. It’s about a young woman having a strange meeting in a park which makes her think what it is she really wants. The story has a bit of a Twilight Zone atmosphere to it. The screenplay is 10 pages long which translates in […]

Crafting short screenplays that connect

I read an interesting book about writing short screenplays. It’s “Crafting short screenplays that connect – 2nd edition” by Claudia Hunter Johnson. Books about writing screenplays always talk about conflict. There has to be some form of conflict (that may be physical or emotional or any other form of conflict) in a story to be […]