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Screenplay for a short movie

I finished a screenplay for a short film I want to make. It’s about a young woman having a strange meeting in a park which makes her think what it is she really wants. The story has a bit of a Twilight Zone atmosphere to it. The screenplay is 10 pages long which translates in about 10 minutes of actual screen time. Most scenes take place in a park with a couple of interior scenes.

I had the original idea for this story about 2 years ago and I wrote a rough draft back then but never finished it due to several reasons. But a couple of months ago I picked it up again and through several iterations came to this version eventually.

Now the hard part: to find people who would like to participate in making this short film. I will need two main actors: a young woman and an old man. Besides the actors I will need a little crew with at least a sound engineer and a production assistant.