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Plot Device – Showing Off Magic Bullet Suite 11

Director Seth Worley and executive producer Aharon Rabinowitz created a brilliant short film “Plot Device” to show off the new Magic Bullet Suite 11 by Red Giant. They did an excellent job. I really like this film. The script is funny, the acting is good and the visual effects and cinematography really add the the […]

First green screen experiment

I received a portable green screen today and did a quick test using my daughter as the subject. As she loves to play princess she dressed up and it was my task to put her in front of that cool castle 😉 I took some shots of her in front of the green screen using […]

An exercise in rotoscoping: My clones and I

Being interested in visual effects I wanted to try out some rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is painting masks to block out parts of a film frame to be able to replace it with something else. The idea was to make a short film where several of my clones and myself walk through the frame. On a sunny […]