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Melting Ice

The cold weather of the last couple of weeks has ended and all snow has melted. In some places however, thick layers of ice are still melting as the temperature […]

Portrait photography on seamless background

Inspired by the excellent article series “White Seamless Tutorial” by Zack Arias I made a series of portraits of my daughter Zoë using a white and black background. I used […]

Light Painting Buchlaesque

Experimented with light painting today. This photo was taken at 40mm with a shutter speed of 20 seconds and an aperture of f14. ISO was at 400. While taking the […]

60 Second Landscape

While on the beach last weekend I was watching my wife and daughter walking through the water and suddenly remembered Chase Jarvis’ “60 Second Landscape Challenge“. As I only had […]

On The Road…

I had a little family get-away to the coast last weekend. As we were driving there I snapped a few pictures, intentionally photographing towards the sun. The camera was a […]

Nikon Ai-s 85mm f1.4

I have a Nikon Ai-s 85mm f1.4 manual focus lens for quite some time now. I use this lens for video (with the Letus Extreme 35mm adapter) and with my […]