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The (Buchla) Future of Things to Come…

I worked on a couple of front panel prototypes for my Buchla 200 modules today. I used the same technique as I used for the Buchla 291 clone I’m building: designing in Front Panel Designer, print out on paper and using 3mm scrap wood for the prototype panel.

buchla front panel prototyping

From left to right: Dual Oscilator Model 258, Quad Function Generator Model 281 and Dual Voltage Controlled Filter Model 291.

The knobs are from Davies Molding (type 1600BM, 1610AA and 1900).


One response to “The (Buchla) Future of Things to Come…”

  1. Hi Andre – that’s nice work. Do you still have the FPE files for those panels? I’d love to get my hands on them…