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Buchla200 custom cabinet

Buchla200 custom cabinet designI’m playing around with Google Sketchup and, as a practical exercise, I’m designing a new cabinet for my Buchla 200 clone.

I wanted it to be as compact as possible and came up with the design to the left. The height of the cabinet is 616 mm (24.3″), it’s 684 mm (26.9″) wide and 240mm (9.5″) deep at the bottom and 151 mm (5.9″) deep at the top.

The cabinet contains three rows with room for six standard Buchla modules per row. I started with a four row enclosure at first but that resulted in a rather large footprint and although it looked very cool,  I decided against that.

I will now make the fourth row a separate enclosure containing a touch keyboard and joystick controllers which I can also use with my MOTM modular. I’m still thinking about some kind of construction that allows me to “plug in” the controller into the cabinet to make it a seamless 4 row cabinet.