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V-mount Battery 15mm Rails Mount

Wanting to be able to use a V-mount battery with my camera I made a 15mm rails mount using Cinevate’s Universal 15mm Rails Block, Globalmediapro’s V-Lock Mount Plate and a piece of 2mm thick sheet metal.

V-Mount Battery 15mm Rails MountV-Mount Battery 15mm Rails Mount






The sheet metal was cut to size and then bend to provide a place for mounting the rails block. Holes were drilled for mounting the V-lock plate and a square hole was made to allow access to the wiring of the V-lock plate. When finished I sprayed the plate with black paint.

The finished plate looks like this.

V-Mount Battery 15mm Rails MountV-Mount Battery 15mm Rails Mount






And some pictures when mounted on the camera system.

V-Mount Battery Rails Mount on cameraV-Mount Battery Rails Mount on camera








My dad did most of the work on this as I wanted to film him while he was working on it. I will upload the film when I finish editing.


4 responses to “V-mount Battery 15mm Rails Mount”

  1. Hi Andre,

    I was looking for a battery mounting solution and came across your blog, so my dad and I are gonna replicate what you’ve done here.

    I’m wondering why you need a hole to access the wires in the battery plate. Do you use these wires for anything?



    1. Hi Rocco,

      We made the hole as there was a additional power connector on the battery plate I was using. You can just see it in the second picture of the finished plate.
      However, in practice, I have never used it.
      So the hole on the back of the plate is not really necessary!

  2. Thanks Andre. It’s hard to tell from the photo, is that white connector a D-Tap?

    Also, I’m considering buying the 95Wh battery from Globalmediapro. How was your experience with them? I heard they only accept payment via wire transfer, and not credit cards.

    1. No, the white connector is not a D-Tap. It’s the kind of connector often used for connecting car radios to the battery.
      I bought the 160Wh battery together with a charger and I’m very happy with them. I think I paid by bank transfer to a local bank account they have here.