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The Great Camera Shootout 2011 Episode 3: It’s Not So Black & White

The third and final episode of the Great Camera Shootout 2011 has been published. This episode focusses on motion artifacts and color rendition.

I must say I was rather surprised about the way the different cameras handled motion artifacts. Very interesting.

Check out episode 3 on The Great Camera Shootout 2011 Episode 3: It’s Not so Black & White.

The other two episodes can be found here: Episode 2: Sensors & Sensitivity and Episode 1: The Tipping Point.

At the end of episode 3, Steve Weiss mentions the production of a concluding web series where all tested camera’s, and a couple of new ones (Like the Red Epic, GH2 and FS100) which were not yet available at the time of the original tests, are used to shoot a scene. The assigment to the DP is to use every camera to make the scene look as good as possible. The aim of this is to show that every camera can be used to shoot the scene and make it look.

I’m really looking forward to this new series.