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Buchla 296e tutorials

Some time ago I did build this Buchla 296 clone.

It is a rather complex module. I played around with the vocoder function (which is great fun) but I didn’t really know how to use this module to it’s full extent. Until now…

Buchla advocate Todd Barton made a series of tutorial videos on the Buchla 296e (the newer 200e series module). It differs a bit from the older 296 but the basic functions are the same so these tutorials are very useful for owners of the 296e and the 296. Check out the tutorials below. I will update this post as more tutorials will become available.

Tutorial 1: Overview

Tutorial 2: Morphing

Tutorial 3: Split Filter

Tutorial 4: Comb Filter

Tutorial 5: Spectral Display

Playing the Buchla 296e

Tutorial 6: VCAs

Tutorial 7: Spectral Transfer

Tutorial 8: Sampled Envelopes

Tutorial 9: Filter feedback