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Temporary modular cabinet

I build a temporary cabinet out of MDF and scrap wood for the first modules to be installed in. When I’m out of room in this cabinet I will built a final cabinet which will look much nicer than this one! I used mounting rails from Bridechamber for easy mounting of the modules. And here […]

First modular modules done

I finished the first modules for my modular synthesizer: two Oakley VCO Issue 4 modules. The build process was straight forward but I had to get used a bit to soldering with flux based organic solder and no-clean solder and washing the PCB to remove the flux. But all went well and both modules worked […]

Building a modular analog synthesizer

When you reach a certain age you will do strange things. You will finally buy that Harley, let your hair grow or try to find a girlfriend who’s 20 years younger than yourself 😉 Fortunately I didn’t do any of those things, instead I decided it was finally time to do something that I have […]