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  • Getting Old Cubase Files From Atari ST To PC

    Getting Old Cubase Files From Atari ST To PC

    I posted an article about this a little while ago and have since found a solution to get my old files into my current version of Cubase which is running on my studio PC on Windows. I tried exporting and importing and using older versions of Cubase on PC to no avail. Eventually I had to resort…

  • Cubase: Atari ST and PC

    Cubase: Atari ST and PC

    Today I converted my old Atari ST disks to PC formatted disks that I could read on my PC. On the Atari disks were old Cubase 2.0 files of tracks I made during the 90’s. I would like to import them in Cubase 6.5 on PC so I can play around with them a bit.…

  • Cubase Studio 6.5

    This weekend I installed Steinberg’s Cubase Studio 6.5 on my studio PC, a rather old Windows XP machine. As I have a lot of physical MIDI gear I don’t expect to use a lot of the included virtual gear so processor bandwidth will not be an issue (I hope). It is a dedicated studio PC…