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  • Film concert video project

    Film concert video project

    So, what have you been doing last year? Now 2015 has ended, I want to write a bit about a project that has kept me busy for the most part of last year. This project began sometime in August 2014 when a couple of friends asked me if I would like to participate. They are…

  • Last shoot for a concert short film project

    Last shoot for a concert short film project

    The project Last weekend I shot the last short film for a project that started in November of last year. A brass band will be performing brass arrangements of famous film soundtracks in a theatre. While the music is performed a short film of that film will be projected. Every short film is based on…

  • First green screen experiment

    I received a portable green screen today and did a quick test using my daughter as the subject. As she loves to play princess she dressed up and it was my task to put her in front of that cool castle 😉 I took some shots of her in front of the green screen using…