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Working With His Hands

A couple of weeks ago I shot some footage of my Dad working in his workshop. My goal was twofold: shoot some nice images and get experience with my new camera, the Panasonic AF101. I wanted to capture the process of creating something with your own hands. This is something that a lot of people […]

Leave Me

I came across this little gem of a film again which I saw a while ago. I really love it. It’s perfectly paced, has lovely music which sets the right mood for the story and has decent performances by the actors. It’s the kind of film I would like to make.

Splitscreen – A Love Story

“Splitscreen – A Love Story” won the Nokia Shorts 2011 competition. It was shot on a Nokia N8 mobile phone. It just shows that you don’t need a giant Hollywood budget to create something beautiful. It all comes down to follow up on that great idea and being creative. I like the music, it sets […]

Plot Device – Showing Off Magic Bullet Suite 11

Director Seth Worley and executive producer Aharon Rabinowitz created a brilliant short film “Plot Device” to show off the new Magic Bullet Suite 11 by Red Giant. They did an excellent job. I really like this film. The script is funny, the acting is good and the visual effects and cinematography really add the the […]

60 Second Landscape

While on the beach last weekend I was watching my wife and daughter walking through the water and suddenly remembered Chase Jarvis’ “60 Second Landscape Challenge“. As I only had my Nikon D300s with me at that time, that’s what I shot this video with. Shot in one take, no editing with only a bit […]

Screenplay for a short movie

I finished a screenplay for a short film I want to make. It’s about a young woman having a strange meeting in a park which makes her think what it is she really wants. The story has a bit of a Twilight Zone atmosphere to it. The screenplay is 10 pages long which translates in […]