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  • Syndrone – Outer Reaches remastered

    Syndrone – Outer Reaches remastered

    In 1992 we released our first album Outer Reaches, an independent audio cassette release. About 15 copies were ever made. I remastered this album using the original audio cassette as the source. It contains 8 original compositions. Two of them, Ykaiia and Avonlea, would also be released as new versions on our first CD album…

  • Syndrone digital album releases

    Syndrone digital album releases

    More than 25 years ago I was in band called Syndrone together with Harold Teunissen. In 1993 we released our first CD “Being There”, followed with a second CD “Blind Date” in 1996. As of today both releases are available as digital albums on Bandcamp. Check out the Bandcamp page here: or use the embedded…