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Frame grab title sequence "I Want To Believe"

Background Footage For The Title Sequence Of My Short Film

A couple of days ago I got an idea for the title sequence of my short film. I had already finished the title sequence itself which consisted of a few […]

I Want To Believe Reshoot 2

Reshoot “I Want To Believe”

Last Saturday I did a reshoot of a couple of scenes for my short film “I Want To Believe”. All went well although there were still some things I could have […]

Trailer for “I Want To Believe”

I made a short teaser/trailer for my upcoming short film “I Want To Believe”. Would love to hear what you think of it.  

Movie poster design “I Want To Believe”

I designed a movie poster for my short film “I Want To Believe”. I made the photo using the background lights that were in the scene and added a studio […]

Shooting My First Narrative Film “I Want To Believe”

Yesterday, I shot my first narrative film “I Want To Believe”.  It was a long day but eventually we got everything we needed. A big thanks to my crew who […]

Storyboard Scene 6b

Storyboarding My Short Film

I finished the storyboard for my first narrative short film which I will be shooting at the end of this month. I already made a shot list and I took that […]

Prepairing for shooting my first narrative short film

I remember when I was a kid a friend and me had a lot of Star Wars figures and wanted to make a Star Wars based sci-fi stop motion film. […]