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I Want To Believe Reshoot 2

Reshoot “I Want To Believe”

Last Saturday I did a reshoot of a couple of scenes for my short film “I Want To Believe”. All went well although there were still some things I could have done better. But I guess that’s the curse of every filmmaker.

I Want To Believe Reshoot 1
Instructing my daughter Zoë who plays a little part in the film

I planned this day a lot better than the first day of shooting. Taking the setup times of the first day of shooting into consideration I planned for more time setting up the shots and this took out a lot of stress. We eventually ended up about an hour past the planned end time, not all too bad…

I have shot all scenes now and started finishing the edit. After that it’s mixing audio and adding several sound effects. Then there are a couple of visual effects to be added. So, still a lot of work to do.

Below a couple of behind the scenes pictures. All pictures were shot by Peter Bastings.

I Want To Believe Reshoot 2
Watching back a recorded scene. Check the custom made “shock mount” on the boom pole. I forgot to bring the real one so we had to improvise with Gaffer tape…
I Want To Believe Reshoot 3
Discussing the lighting of one of the scenes
I Want To Believe Reshoot 4
Me watching the field monitor during a shot
I Want To Believe Reshoot 5
Shooting an important scene for the film