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Frame grab title sequence "I Want To Believe"

Background Footage For The Title Sequence Of My Short Film

A couple of days ago I got an idea for the title sequence of my short film. I had already finished the title sequence itself which consisted of a few simple text animations. White font on a black background. A bit boring…

The idea was to shoot some out of focus footage of the set wall I used in the film with moving lights for adding a bit mystery.

Title sequence lighting diagram

I set up the camera and used two small LED lights to light the set wall. I moved the Dedolight closer and further away from the wall to create a changing light pattern to make it more interesting. Below is a diagram of the lighting setup.

I set the white balance of the camera (Panaosic AF101) to Tungsten (3200K). The color temperature of both LED lights were set to 5500K (day light) so I got a nice blue color. I gelled the Dedolight with Color Temperature Blue (CTB) to match the color temperature of  both LED lights. I shot the sequence out of focus to create a sense of mystery.

Frame grab title sequence "I Want To Believe"

The result looks great and fits nicely with the title sequence already created.