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Cubase Studio 6.5

This weekend I installed Steinberg’s Cubase Studio 6.5 on my studio PC, a rather old Windows XP machine. As I have a lot of physical MIDI gear I don’t expect […]

The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 5)

After 2 months of building and 1 week of debugging… It’s DONE! I finished debugging and calibrating the Klee sequencer today. It has been quite an experience, the most complex […]

The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 4)

Almost done! Just a few interconnect wires and then it’s completed.

The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 3)

I finished wiring the digital PCB of the Klee sequencer today. The loose wires you see in the picture below are the interconnect wires which will connect the digital PCB […]

The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 2)

Before I could proceed with building the Klee I had to make some custom Aluminum brackets to mount the two PCB’s on. Below you can see a picture. I went […]

The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 1)

I started building to most complex module so far for my modular: the Klee v2 analogue sequencer designed by Scott Stites. It is a very different sequencer compared to other […]