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STIPOH Promo Video

Last year September, I shot a promo video for STIPOH (Stichting Promotie & Ontwikkeling Handboogsport), a Dutch foundation promoting archery.

They managed to secure an excellent location, the old open air theater “de Lichtenberg” in Weert, the Netherlands. At the time of shooting the theater was being renovated and we could only use it for a couple of hours.

Based on the location I came up with the concept and made a shot list of some basic shots I wanted to do. After setting everything up I explained to the archers what we were going to do and we started the shoot.

The video was shot in about 4 hours on a beautiful autumn afternoon using available light only. Everything went fairly smooth as the weather was perfect during the shoot and there weren’t any particularly difficult setups. I used Cinevate’s Atlas 30 slider in a couple of shots to add some horizontal movement.

The music used is from Andrew Kramer’s excellent Pro Scores DVD which allows you to make custom mixes based on the available layered audio tracks and effect sounds. I edited the video to the music for maximum impact.

Yesterday, STIPOH officially released the promo video on YouTube so now I can also show it here.