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  • Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4

    Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4

    A modular hardware sequencer I discovered the Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4 via a forum post somewhere and was immediately interested. It’s a project of Thorsten Klose and lots of people have added code and hardware modules to it. For more information check out the following websites. The main thing that made we want…

  • Cubase Studio 6.5

    This weekend I installed Steinberg’s Cubase Studio 6.5 on my studio PC, a rather old Windows XP machine. As I have a lot of physical MIDI gear I don’t expect to use a lot of the included virtual gear so processor bandwidth will not be an issue (I hope). It is a dedicated studio PC…

  • The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 5)

    After 2 months of building and 1 week of debugging… It’s DONE! I finished debugging and calibrating the Klee sequencer today. It has been quite an experience, the most complex module I build so far. Lots of front panel components, lots of wiring. I must compliment Scott Stites for writing such an excellent construction manual.…

  • The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 4)

    Almost done! Just a few interconnect wires and then it’s completed.

  • The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 3)

    I finished wiring the digital PCB of the Klee sequencer today. The loose wires you see in the picture below are the interconnect wires which will connect the digital PCB and the analog PCB together. This is a lot of work, but it’s fun. I must restrain myself though from working on it when it’s…

  • The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 2)

    Before I could proceed with building the Klee I had to make some custom Aluminum brackets to mount the two PCB’s on. Below you can see a picture. I went for two separate brackets for the analog and digital PCB. After an evening of soldering the backside of the Klee looks like this.

  • The Klee v2 analog sequencer (part 1)

    I started building to most complex module so far for my modular: the Klee v2 analogue sequencer designed by Scott Stites. It is a very different sequencer compared to other designs. You can use it as a “normal” sequencer but it can do much more… The complexity of the build lies within the massive amount…