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Recording Additional Audio for my Short Film

Today I recorded additional audio for my short film “I Want To Believe”, also called ADR (Automated / Additional Dialog Replacement). I recorded the dialog of Martine, the voice actress, who, in the film, is on the phone with the protagonist.

I recorded the audio in the quiet living room of Martine’s home. I used a fairly simple setup. The microphone was an Audio Technica 2035 large diaphragm studio microphone which was connected to a Sound Devices MixPre mixer/preamp. The line out of the MixPre was fed into a Sony PCM-M10 portable audio recorder. The microphone was placed in a box filled with acoustic foam to negate reflections. I built this so-called porta booth myself. It was inspired by Harlan Hogan’s portable voice over recording booth. I forgot to bring the pop filter but it worked out just fine. Also, as the audio will be processed to sound like through a telephone this will not be an issue.

We both used an iPad for reading the script and I had a first edit of the film with location sound on my iPhone for Martine to use as a reference for timing her lines. This worked great. No rustling paper when paging through the script.