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  • Sequenced Reality – Almost Morning Now

    Sequenced Reality – Almost Morning Now

    On Monday, May 24th 2021, I released my first solo EP “Almost Morning Now” as Sequenced Reality. It has been 25 years since I released my last album as one half of the band Syndrone. You can check out my music on or use the player below. Almost Morning Now by Sequenced Reality It has…

  • New electronic music by Sequenced Reality

    New electronic music by Sequenced Reality

    New electronic music by Sequenced Reality – “Almost Morning Now”

  • Syndrone – Outer Reaches remastered

    Syndrone – Outer Reaches remastered

    In 1992 we released our first album Outer Reaches, an independent audio cassette release. About 15 copies were ever made. I remastered this album using the original audio cassette as the source. It contains 8 original compositions. Two of them, Ykaiia and Avonlea, would also be released as new versions on our first CD album…

  • Syndrone digital album releases

    Syndrone digital album releases

    More than 25 years ago I was in band called Syndrone together with Harold Teunissen. In 1993 we released our first CD “Being There”, followed with a second CD “Blind Date” in 1996. As of today both releases are available as digital albums on Bandcamp. Check out the Bandcamp page here: or use the embedded…

  • Modular tracks – Saturday evening

    Modular tracks – Saturday evening

    Yesterday evening I created a glitchy groove on my home build modular synthesizer and Midibox sequencer which you can see and hear below. I used 4 audio tracks for this live recording. One for the drum sounds from the Arturia Drumbrute (MIDI clocked by the Midibox sequencer) and the other 3 for the modular synthesizer…