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Website for “I Want To Believe”

As I’m submitting my short film “I Want To Believe” to several film festivals I created a website for the film where people can find more info. On the website you can watch the teaser/trailer and read a short synopsis of the film, the production notes and the director’s statement. The credits are listed and […]

Test screening my short film “I Want To Believe”

Post production The past two months I have been working hard on my short film “I Want To Believe”. Post production is a strange process with ups and downs. You spent a lot of time behind your computer fine tuning the edit, creating visual effects, fine tuning the edit, doing sound design, audio mixing, changing […]

I Want To Believe Reshoot 2

Reshoot “I Want To Believe”

Last Saturday I did a reshoot of a couple of scenes for my short film “I Want To Believe”. All went well although there were still some things I could have done better. But I guess that’s the curse of every filmmaker.

Recording Additional Audio for my Short Film

Today I recorded additional audio for my short film “I Want To Believe”, also called ADR (Automated / Additional Dialog Replacement). I recorded the dialog of Martine, the voice actress, who, in the film, is on the phone with the protagonist. I recorded the audio in the quiet living room of Martine’s home. I used a […]

Progress report on “I Want To Believe”

I have been working on the edit and I’m satisfied with its current state. I still need to tweak some cuts to optimize the flow of the story. The audio recording of the second actor is planned for next week and in the first week of January we’ll do a re-shoot of a couple of scenes I’m not happy […]

Movie poster design “I Want To Believe”

I designed a movie poster for my short film “I Want To Believe”. I made the photo using the background lights that were in the scene and added a studio flash with grid to light the actor for dramatic effect. It came out just the way I envisioned it. I used the very nice and free […]

Shooting My First Narrative Film “I Want To Believe”

Yesterday, I shot my first narrative film “I Want To Believe”.  It was a long day but eventually we got everything we needed. A big thanks to my crew who made it all possible! This film has been in preparation since the beginning of this year when I got the idea and wrote the script. […]