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Making videos with kids for a youth concert

Youth fanfare concert project A friend asked if I could help him with a project he is working on with a youth fanfare he’s part of. They are planning a […]

Jerusalem Science Museum CAPTCHA exhibition entrance

LEGO Turing Machine Video in Jerusalem Science Museum

Two months ago I was approached by Nathan Zeldes, curator and scientific advisor for the CAPTCHA exhibition of the Jerusalem Science Museum in Israel. He asked if he could use my LEGO Turing Machine video for the exhibition. […]

Philip Bloom workshop in Brussels

This week, I attended a 2-day workshop by Philip Bloom in Brussels. There were 24 participants. During the first day we were given an assignment to shoot a 30 second […]

STIPOH Promo Video

Last year September, I shot a promo video for STIPOH (Stichting Promotie & Ontwikkeling Handboogsport), a Dutch foundation promoting archery. They managed to secure an excellent location, the old open […]

Movie poster design “I Want To Believe”

I designed a movie poster for my short film “I Want To Believe”. I made the photo using the background lights that were in the scene and added a studio […]

Shooting My First Narrative Film “I Want To Believe”

Yesterday, I shot my first narrative film “I Want To Believe”.  It was a long day but eventually we got everything we needed. A big thanks to my crew who […]

"Like ARRI" 650W Fresnel light with original ARRI replacement lens

My Experience With A Chinese “Like ARRI” Fresnel Light

More than a year ago I bought one of those “like ARRI” 650W Fresnel spots on eBay. I was just starting buying some filmmaking gear and it was the first “decent” light […]

Virtual Lighting Studio

Today, I discovered this on-line app called Virtual Lighting Studio. You can use it to light a subject (in this case: a “head shot”) with different lights and see the […]

Cinevate – Innovative gear for filmmakers

I recently bought the 35″ version of the Atlas 10 slider and the Trawly wheels set from Cinevate during their Moving Sale. The Atlas 10 slider is primarily meant to be […]

The Impossible Shot

A lot of people are waiting for RED to deliver their new generation of digital video camera’s: Epic and its smaller brother (sister?) Scarlett. Some time ago Jim Jannard, owner […]