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Author: Andre Theelen

  • Moon Eclipse 2018

    Moon Eclipse 2018

    On Friday night the longest Moon eclipse of the century occurred and I took some photos of this event. I couldn’t see the first part of the eclipse as the Moon was just above the horizon and it wasn’t visible from my location. From the roof of my house I could see the Moon when…

  • Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4

    Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4

    A modular hardware sequencer I discovered the Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4 via a forum post somewhere and was immediately interested. It’s a project of Thorsten Klose and lots of people have added code and hardware modules to it. For more information check out the following websites. The main thing that made we want…

  • Replacing the display of a Yamaha TX7

    Replacing the display of a Yamaha TX7

    This is the Yamaha TX7. It’s the module version of the DX7. It was the first synthesizer I ever bought, 28 years ago. It still works perfectly. But I wanted to replace the display as it is hard to read because it is not backlit. So I bought a display replacement from eBay. I opened…

  • New music video for Pega Loca

    New music video for Pega Loca

    Last april I shot a music video with Dutch acoustic band Pega Loca. Today they launched their website. Check them out at! This is the video I shot for their song “Welcome Home”. The video was edited and colour graded in Davinci Resolve. I also used Resolve for some blurring of visible art in…

  • Welcome Home – music video for Pega Loca

    Welcome Home – music video for Pega Loca

    Last Wednesday I shot a music video with the Dutch band Pega Loca. This is the second music video I shot with Eric van de Kerkhof, who started Pega Loca. Two years ago, I made a video for promoting the debut album “Welcome Home” of his previous band, Grain of Wood, with the track “Just…

  • New cabinets for 5U modular synth

    New cabinets for 5U modular synth

    Inevitability I have been building a lot of Buchla stuff last couple of years but I also built a few 5U modules. As my 5U modular cabinet was pretty much filled up I finally reached that inevitable point in time: the cabinets were completely full and I still had a couples of modules which had…

  • Music Thing Modular custom 5U panels

    Music Thing Modular custom 5U panels

    After watching a few demos of Music Thing Modular modules I decided to build them myself. However, these modules are in Eurorack format and I don’t have any Eurorack. So I designed 5U panels for them and ordered those via Schaeffer AG in Germany. Not the cheapest solution but the quality is great and the…

  • Buchla 296e tutorials

    Buchla 296e tutorials

    Some time ago I did build this Buchla 296 clone. It is a rather complex module. I played around with the vocoder function (which is great fun) but I didn’t really know how to use this module to it’s full extent. Until now… Buchla advocate Todd Barton made a series of tutorial videos on the…

  • Wrong Turn
  • Insignificant
  • Anticipation
  • Film concert video project

    Film concert video project

    So, what have you been doing last year? Now 2015 has ended, I want to write a bit about a project that has kept me busy for the most part of last year. This project began sometime in August 2014 when a couple of friends asked me if I would like to participate. They are…