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  • Building Mutable Instruments modules

    Building Mutable Instruments modules

    I have always been intrigued by Mutable Instruments modules but it took me a while to start building them myself. The fact that all modules use SMD components and you have to compile the source code yourself was initially a turn-off for me. But as more and more people were building these modules themselves several…

  • SOMA Laboratories LYRA-8 Organismic Synthesizer

    SOMA Laboratories LYRA-8 Organismic Synthesizer

    SOMA Laboratories SOMA Laboratories is a small boutique company focusing on developing extraordinary electronic instruments. The company was founded by Vlad Kreimer in 2016 after the success of the LYRA-8 synthesizer which he developed. They are located in Russia (design and development) and Poland (manufacturing). Most SOMA Laboratories instruments are available as ready to use…

  • Modular tracks – Saturday evening

    Modular tracks – Saturday evening

    Yesterday evening I created a glitchy groove on my home build modular synthesizer and Midibox sequencer which you can see and hear below. I used 4 audio tracks for this live recording. One for the drum sounds from the Arturia Drumbrute (MIDI clocked by the Midibox sequencer) and the other 3 for the modular synthesizer…

  • Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4

    Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4

    A modular hardware sequencer I discovered the Midibox sequencer MBSEQ V4 via a forum post somewhere and was immediately interested. It’s a project of Thorsten Klose and lots of people have added code and hardware modules to it. For more information check out the following websites. The main thing that made we want…

  • New cabinets for 5U modular synth

    New cabinets for 5U modular synth

    Inevitability I have been building a lot of Buchla stuff last couple of years but I also built a few 5U modules. As my 5U modular cabinet was pretty much filled up I finally reached that inevitable point in time: the cabinets were completely full and I still had a couples of modules which had…

  • Music Thing Modular custom 5U panels

    Music Thing Modular custom 5U panels

    After watching a few demos of Music Thing Modular modules I decided to build them myself. However, these modules are in Eurorack format and I don’t have any Eurorack. So I designed 5U panels for them and ordered those via Schaeffer AG in Germany. Not the cheapest solution but the quality is great and the…

  • Building a new 50U Buchla cabinet

    Building a new 50U Buchla cabinet

    A couple of years ago I built a small 18U Buchla cabinet for a couple of Buchla 200 series modules I had build together with some Buchlaesque modules to go with them. However, this cabinet cannot house any more modules and it was time to build something new. Something bigger. I decided to go for…

  • Custom cabinet for Buchla Easel

    Custom cabinet for Buchla Easel

    Buchla Easel analogue synthesizer clone I have been working on finishing my Buchla Easel analogue modular synth the last couple of months. That included designing a custom cabinet to house the modules. My “Easelesque” instrument contains 3 modules: the Buchla 208 Music Easel, the Buchla 216 Touch Controlled Voltage Source and the Buchla 277 Signal…